Hapy Day is a company with over twenty years of family tradition!
It was in 1990 when we first entered the market as a company that deals with sales, processing, import and export of fish and other fish delicacies and delicatessen products. Over the years we have gained experience and today we represent the quality, consistency and dedication to our work.

Wholesale - offer for the hosts

Although our company is small, we boast a wide assortment of fish and fishery products. In addition to a wide variety of frozen fish and fishery products, we offer fresh fish, especially a large selection from the Adriatic Sea.

The processing and manufacture

Furthermore, we are glad to present products of our own production, such as cleaned and stuffed squid and marinated anchovies or sardines (“savor”). We put special emphasis on the most traditional and distinct product of our company, “bakalar” - white codfish. We continue to prepare this traditional product with lot of attention in order to be able to provide a unique taste and quality, which are always appreciated by our buyers and loyal customers.

Travelling shop - Retailers

Our shops represent us throughout the Obalnokraška area over the valley of river Soča in the Bovec region, Vipavska Valley and all the way to the Škofja Loka and Ljubljana, so that we actually come to many customers at home.

Quality and professionalism
A regular veterinary supervision and the status of the import-export structure gives us an additional level of professionalism and quality, while our “smallness” permits us to adapt to each individual and to be very receptive to new ideas, to your wishes and demands. In any case, in our work we focus attention especially to the quality. We will be glad to respond to your requests and we believe that our offer and services can contribute to your success.

Hapy Day d.o.o.
Our home is in the heart of the Karst, the Komen Karst, the land of Teran wine and prosciutto ham, where “osmize” (typical gathering places) take place throughout the year and where, in a small village near Komen, named Ivanji Grad, the flags of the company Hapy Day wave. With our offer we have brought diversity to these places and have enlivened the environment.

We will be happy to respond to your request, and we believe that with our range of services we can contribute to your success.

We turn with great expectations to the European markets as we are aware of our strong points and capabilities by offering competitive products and above all professional and complete service.

Enrich your offer and diversify your menus with the freshness of the sea. 

For more information about this offer, please contact us by e-mail hapyday@siol.net or on the phone number:

Hapy Day      : ++386 (0)5/ 7660 270

Vilma Dragman : ++386 (0)31 611 135 

Jože Dragman : ++386 (0)41 950 977

Štedul Damir : ++386 (0)41 420 527 

Tomaž Dragman : ++386 (0)41 611 135